Weston Wood

From childhood, Weston felt a yearning to explore and challenge the world he lived in. At age 18, driven by a dissatisfaction for materialistic society, he began exploring the earth, observing culture and lifestyle on six of the seven continents. Upon discovering meditation in 2009, the realization finally appeared that the greatest exploration to be done… is not external but internal. The path became clearer through influences of Christianity, Buddhism, Tantra and Advaita Vedanta where the focus of Heart opening and selfless service are the means for true fulfillment.

With a certified background in Carpentry, creation is the name of the game and complete integration of spirituality into ordinary life is the goal. Backed by several silent meditation retreats, yoga intensives and Hridaya’s 500 hour certified teacher training course, the yearning is to follow footsteps of his greatest teachers, sharing self inquiry and the message of the Heart. Weston’s aim is to use meditation, hatha yoga and healing practices to help develop holistic community while we all work together towards the height of Self Realization.

Email: x_weston_x@hotmail.com