Krista Novakowski

Krista began her studies of Yoga and Meditation in her homeland of Canada. She has always been fascinated with the potential of awakening to our Essential Nature. She began her studies with Agama in 2006 and lived in the yogic community in Thailand until 2011 studying Hatha and Kundalini Yoga and Kashmir Shaivism. In the time she was grateful to begin teaching Hatha yoga and holding Shakti groups. She had been experimenting with retreats from various other traditions and was completely enchanted with her first Hridaya meditation retreat with her teacher Sahajananda in 2007.

Over the next 5 years she regularly attended retreats, and in 2011 she completed the 3 month Hridaya Teacher Training course in Thailand. These teachings touch her deeply and she feels blessed to share these teachings with others. She is full of gratitude for the vision and gifts that Hridaya brings to life. She is thankful for all of her teachers and the beauty of this precious existence.