Kilian Hübinger

Kilian Hübinger

Kilian Hübinger is a passionate and heartful teacher of yoga and meditation with over 10 years of practical experience. His classes and lectures are infused with his deep care for every student. He continually aspires to transmit authentic teachings maintaining the purity of the spirit of yoga, constantly pointing back to its original purpose as a path to liberation and happiness. Even while exploring more complex metaphysical topics, in his teachings, there is an underlying flow of awareness, presence, and stillness, as he strives to touch the hearts of his students beyond just intellectual concepts or physical exercise.

It is Kilian’s strongest hope to guide students to a deep realization of their inner source of happiness and power and to inspire them about ways to bring this inner sense of harmony and sacredness to an external blossoming in life. A devotee of Mother Nature, Kilian is very interested in exploring ways to reduce humanity’s ecological footprint and to come back to a more intimate and respectful relationship with the planet we live on.

As a trained jazz musician, Kilian is particularly drawn to playing devotional music both as a way to connect to specific energies, as well as to just ecstatically celebrate life.



Events with Kilian Hübinger

Retiro Corazón Radiante de 5 días en España
July 26 - 30, 2024

Durante este retiro, estarás guiado hacia la apertura de tu Corazón a través de la práctica clásica de Hatha Yoga, el canto sagrado y la meditación en silencio. Te invitamos a una escapada de 5…