Juliette Salas

Juliette Salas

Juliette’s first teacher (from age 2) was her father, Alexander, who led bedside prayers in the dark evoking Jesus, the Divine Mother and the Consciousness of Oneness.  From a young age she has been sensitive to boundaries and barriers that have been placed across religions, cultures and humanity itself.   She is rebellious by nature and has spent most of her life in contemplating duality both within herself and the world.  When she met Sahajananda & Hridaya Yoga in 2011, she became aware of the ridiculousness of duality and the separation it was causing within herself.  And that in fact living with an open heart is the universal way to the Truth.  She is grateful to her mother, Maryann Salas who modeled living with an open heart, giving generously to all and surprising many along her path.  Juliette’s understanding of the Consciousness of Oneness is continuously deepened through teaching and practicing yoga and meditation, guru-disciple relationships, walking the Red Road path, and sharing Moondance teachings led by Grandmothers Izpapolotz, Malinali and Mayhuel Cochimetzli Azilawin.  With Amma’s grace she has understood her role and is committed to help bring awareness to abusive gender barriers and to support women’s empowerment.  She is grateful to her grandparents, Tom and Violet Reina, who taught her from age 5 to begin a regular practice of dandasana, sirsasana and as a selfless service to divine-organic composting!  Juliette’s greatest teacher is Mother Earth and all of Her nature.  She believes that through karma yoga we can help to purify our souls, polish our egos and bring harmony to the environment in which we live.  She is launching a karma yoga website called: loveyourselfhealtheworld.com. Please spread the love.

Juliette teaches Hridaya yoga around the world.  Please contact her for upcoming workshops.



Facebook: agamayogaretreats & loveyourselfhealtheworld


Lokah Samastah sukhino bhavantu” (Hindu mantra-may all beings everywhere be happy & may all of my own thoughts and actions of my own life contribute to this.)

“May we all walk in beauty” (Navajo proverb)