Jasmin Clark

Jasmin’s spiritual path started at a very young age when she was sent to attend a Rudolf Steiner Waldorf school, where she cultivated an appreciation for the beauty of life, an innocent wonderment of this dream, creativity and an understanding of the beauty of our individual expressions of the Divine. These lessons of her childhood have guided her whole life. She has spent her years with nature as her close friend and teacher and has found great wisdom in the ocean. But her greatest teacher has always been life itself. Allowing its natural ebb and flow to guide her on this journey, it brought her to yoga at Agama, where she discovered her love for the mystical realms of existence, and the realization that there was something deeper to this feeling that she was dreaming. After attending her first Hridaya silent Meditation Retreat in 2011 she fell deeply in love with the inwards spiral towards the Spiritual Heart and the amazing sense of naturalness that meditation revealed to her. After three retreats in which she found a deep connection with the ideals of living with an Open Heart and approaching all with love, she felt a strong calling to share this message with others. She joined the 2012 Hridaya Meditation and Yoga Teacher Training Course to deepen her practice and understanding but above all to allow her to share the beauty of a life lived with the Spiritual Heart. Her deepest wish is to guide others to reveal the joy of living in the naturalness of a peaceful wonderment and its great beauty. “In this beautiful dream let us share this mysterious journey towards love.”