Pieter Moonen

Born in Belgium in 1985, Pieter started to question the roots of the environmental and social crisis and the nature of the human condition during his studies and work as an environmental researcher and activist. While in university, Pieter began studying Buddhism and practicing mindfulness meditation and yoga. Following the intuition that a peaceful world is only possible when we learn to be peaceful inside, he started a journey to find inner harmony, spending time in nature and doing retreats in the Zen and Vipassana traditions. His experiences of inner freedom and deep peace encouraged him to devote his life to Truth, and he arrived at Hridaya France in 2019, where he started serving on the permaculture team.

Grateful for what the Hridaya teachings and community have meant on his path and longing to share the experience, Pieter completed the 2021 Hridaya Teacher Training Course. Since then, he has continued to live in the community, doing his best to deepen in understanding and love while serving on the permaculture team and as a Hridaya teacher.