Kalki (Martin Neufeld) 

Author of the award-winning book Hugging Life, meditation teacher, relationship counselor, and therapist, Kalki has been on the healing and spiritual path for over four decades. Canadian by birth, he has lived, studied, and taught in the UK, France, the USA, India, Thailand, and Mexico, where he has received in-depth training, initiations, and guidance from diverse spiritual masters and mentors.

Kalki has dedicated the past 30 years to exploring the mysteries of the Spiritual Heart and the depth of Stillness that lies within. His heart-based practices and teachings draw from various spiritual and esoteric traditions: Tantra, Sufism, Taoism, Essene, and others. His natural ability as an empath and his training and extensive experience as an intuitive healer have allowed him to effectively integrate various healing modalities to help his clients experience lasting change in their lives. Kalki specializes in working one-on-one, creating and guiding personalized retreats for couples and individuals.

With his beloved Cristina Devi, his spiritual and creative partner, they have built two holistic retreat centers in Mexico: Santuario Avalon in Tepoztlán and The Santosha Refuge in Mazunte, where they provide accommodation for spiritual seekers, facilitate workshops, and guide retreats that inspire people to live their light with deeper awareness and greater consciousness.

Hridaya Yoga teacher, Agama Yoga teacher, and master practitioner and instructor in Theta Healing, NLP, Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, Shamanic Visioning, Healing Touch, and reiki.

Private consultations are available in person or on Skype/WhatsApp.


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Dark Room Retreats in Mexico
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The Santosha Refuge is a holistic retreat center in Mazunte. Hridaya teachers Cristina Devi and Kalki purchased Posada Las Flores (across from Einstein) and transformed it into a vibrant refuge for personal growth, healing, and…