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Location: TierraLuz, Arbucies, Spain


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5- or 7-Day Hridaya Hatha Yoga Retreat in Spain

Kilian Hübinger

August 19 - 25, 2021

Shining Heart Retreat

5-Day: August 19–23
7-Day: August 19–25

Suryamandala Yoga welcomes you to experience the benefits of practicing yoga and meditation in a pure, natural environment. Located one hour northeast of Barcelona on a rural finca in the midst of endless forests, long-time Hridaya Yoga teacher Kilian Hübinger offers one-week Hridaya Hatha Yoga retreats—a beautiful opportunity to get a first glimpse of Hridaya’s offerings as well as to deepen your existing practice.

Website: suryamandala.org
Email: info@suryamandala.org


Kilian Hübinger
Kilian Hübinger is a passionate and heartful teacher of yoga and meditation with over 10 years of practical experience. His classes and lectures are pervaded by his deep care for each and every student. He…
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