Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 1 Intensive

Discover Authentic Yoga

Are you ready for a transformative yoga retreat?

Long, meditative Hatha Yoga classes, inspiring lectures, a supportive and welcoming community, time to relax in nature… Our Module 1 yoga retreat offers you all of that and more.

Unfolding over three weeks, Module 1 is an artful blend of practice, theory, and philosophy that gives you a holistic experience of authentic yoga. It’s an invitation to meet yourself on a new level, explore your inner depths, and contemplate life’s most fundamental questions. You’ll emerge rejuvenated and transformed—feeling open-hearted, centered, and joyful and allowing grace to flow more easily into your life.

Module 1 is the first stage of the Hridaya Yoga Retreats, a comprehensive system that takes you from yogic fundamentals to advanced esoteric practices. The variety of techniques and approaches presented will inspire you to find your own path to Truth.

My time at the Hridaya Yoga Center cracked my heart open. I felt held, seen, and loved…by myself but also by everything around me. This place is one of the most special ones I have ever been in contact with. I am so thankful for everything that happened there, and am still processing it.
A magical spot for awakening your spirit! I never liked yoga and after 3 short weeks I am in love with it, I feel it more deeply, I undersand what it is for and how to use it properly and It is helping me heal! Yoga and meditation in Hridaya is a MUST if you are lost on your journey. Cannot recommend enough!
This place is very special. For the first time, I had the feeling that I had arrived, that I was at home. It really felt like my soul, my innermost being, was at home here. The people are so special and it is impressive how they shape, inspire and enchant this place. The Module 1 Intensive has changed my life for me, it has shown me what is possible when I stand up for myself and follow the call of my heart. I have had a new family who love me and see who I really am and who I can just be with.
I am beyond grateful to have experienced the transformational experience of Module 1. From the incredible teachers, who clearly are dedicated to their path and have profound wisdom via personal experience, to the container they created for the course, it was the most potent retreat I have ever taken. I am forever changed and forever grateful.
Just dive in—just do it. It was incredible.
Next to countless moments during the lectures and the Hatha Yoga practice, I experienced the most inspiring moments in the intimate conversations with other participants, the sangha, and particularly with the teachers. At Hridaya, you really feel that the Spiritual Heart is not only a concept, it is lived by everyone and that makes the place the most authentic example of love, compassion, and service.
This module has been the most transformative experience of my life.
I went there thinking we would do 4 hours a day of yoga and learn a little bit about the history and philosophy, and I came out a better human being. I do not know how to express the gratitude of the experience in words... The teachers, the teachings, the food, the practice, the people I've met... I think these have been the best 3 weeks of my life. Hridaya made me feel at home, which is something I have not felt for so many years and I am sad to be back in the real world.
I found this course to be a wonderful overview of a valuable new way of life. It was inspiring, informative, and life-changing. It has further revealed to me the importance of 'watching' the mind and not getting hijacked by it. It has opened my eyes to new ways of being.
In my heart, so much resonates with this school and the course. It has explained to me my past experience and lit the way from the mind to the heart even brighter, with more practicality than I had before… Now, I have opened the infiniteness of my heart. I have felt it, and this openness cannot be closed anymore. This depth of silence in my being, it impressed me.
The Module 1 course is a beautiful introduction to Hridaya’s system of coherently integrating Hatha Yoga, philosophy, and heart-centered contemplation practices. Dedicated and experienced teachers offer their wisdom and guidance via a spiritual container that is as rewarding and challenging as the student wishes it to be. Whether you are new to yoga or coming from deeper practice and experience in other schools of yoga, this system seems like it has a lot to offer as personal practice evolves—thank you for making it available to us!
Beginners to advanced, this course is for an open and thirsty heart.
I absolutely loved it... The impact I've experienced is multi-dimensional. I feel clearer. I feel lighter. I feel loved. My body feels healthy, my mind less burdened.
It was a life-changing experience. The course was built in a way that naturally allowed freedom, change, and joy to surface.
Coming here was the best decision I’ve made for myself in a long time. Over the course of less than a month, I learned innumerable tools to apply towards living a healthier, more focused, balanced and spiritual life. Beyond the value of the coursework, I’m immensely grateful for the community that supported my personal transformation here.
With no previous yoga experience, the course layout and material provided a strong foundation for my future personal practice.
The course was simply wonderful as it goes straight to the heart of spiritual practice – meditation. The course offers a path to transcendence from suffering and has a deep intelligence, drawing on the deeper teachings of yoga.
A great introduction to spirituality and yoga. Extremely inspirational and life-changing.
Amazing, inspiring, uplifting, purifying, energizing, heart-opening, healing, illuminating!
I really enjoyed the whole course experience. I feel very blessed for having been able to be here. I enjoyed the classes, the lectures, the discussion groups, the conversations and the spirit of the people here – it is beautiful and amazing how much I’ve learned from everyone I’ve met here.
I didn’t know that yoga covered so many if not all aspects of our life, of our being. I am amazed by how the teacher team put all these things together to present them to us. It was a lot of information to process, but fluid and smooth at the same time. I also found a coherence between the content of the teaching and the way they were taught. This helps a lot to create an atmosphere of trust. I haven’t attended such a quality course for a while. I am now carrying a strong basis with me and a clear plan for the next steps.
Although I came with the hope that doing this course would take away some of my crippling anxiety, I was surprised by what happened instead. It helped me realize something greater than just trying to get rid of my fears. I was able to learn a new way of relating to them, having a better understanding of how my mind works, and received new tools I could take with me on my journey. The experience has truly marked me, just being open to the process, trusting myself, and following what resonated most. I cannot say enough about the wonderful teachers, as well as all the hardworking staff here.

You’ll Learn:

  • The symbolic meaning and proper performance of more than 30 yoga techniques (asanas, pranayama, kriyas, etc.)
  • How to cultivate contentment, deeply relax, and open your heart
  • Ramana Maharshi’s Self-Inquiry method (asking the question “Who am I?”) and the infinite power of the Spiritual Heart
  • How to meditate in an asana and rest in the Present Moment
  • Powerful practices for raising your energy, concentrating your mind, and centering in the Heart
  • Subtle anatomy (chakras, energy channels, etc.) and how to perceive it
  • Yogic purification techniques and dietary recommendations
  • About the branches of yoga, including Yoga Nidra (the yoga of sleep), Bhakti Yoga (the yoga of devotion), and Karma Yoga (the yoga of conscious action)



A typical day on practice includes

  • 1 hour of meditation (optional)
  • 4 hours of Hatha Yoga practice (Week 1 features shorter practice sessions)
  • Mini-lectures on specific meditation practices and yoga techniques
  • A 2-hour lecture on yogic philosophy and lifestyle

Week 1

  • Features classes that include longer lectures and are a slow, gentle start to the course
  • Focuses on introducing fundamental yogic concepts and the basics of the Hridaya Yoga practice
  • Shares beginning purification techniques
  • Presents the study of yogic ethics

Week 2

  • Features classes that include more time for Hatha Yoga practice and tips for experiencing yoga postures as meditation
  • Offers yogic dietary recommendations
  • Continues the study of yogic ethics

Week 3

  • Features meditative Hatha Yoga classes in which we hold postures for extended periods
  • Focuses on sublimation techniques, powerful practices for raising energy
  • Completes the discussion of yogic ethics and shares ideas for integrating daily life into spirituality

To support your integration of the teachings, you’ll receive a course booklet with valuable theoretical and practical information. Supplementary materials for evening lectures are available in a separate booklet, which you may purchase at our centers or on Amazon.


7:00–8:00Meditation (optional)
8:00–8:45Breakfast (self-catered*)
8:45–11:15Hatha Yoga
12:45–15:30Karma Yoga and Free Time
15:30–17:30Hatha Yoga
20:30–22:00Free Time or Optional Activities
22:00Mauna (noble silence)
7:00–8:00 amMeditation (optional)
8:15–10:45 amHatha Yoga
10:45 am–3:00 pmBreakfast and Break
3:00–5:00 pmHatha Yoga
5:00–6:00 pmDinner
6:00–8:00 pmLecture
8:00–10:00 pmFree Time or Optional Activities

Schedule subject to change.

*If you wish to have breakfast during Module 1 at our center in France, we offer cereal, fruit, and plant-based milks for sale in the Yogi Shop.

Pricing and Registration

Module 1 is held in 3 weeklong sessions at Château de Longeval, our castle nestled in the beautiful Beaujolais countryside. For the most immersive experience, we recommend that you complete the course in one visit, but you may come for 1-2 weeks at a time. As the course builds on itself, we recommend attending the weeks in order. However, you may register for whatever week(s) best suits your schedule.


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Module 1 Full Course Bookings (30% Discount on Tuition)

May 19 – June 9, 2024Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 1 IntensivePricing and Registration
June 30 – July 21, 2024Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 1 IntensivePricing and Registration
August 11 – September 1, 2024Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 1 IntensivePricing and Registration
September 29 – October 20, 2024Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 1 IntensivePricing and Registration
November 3 – 24, 2024Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 1 IntensivePricing and Registration

Module 1 Week 1 Bookings

May 19-26, 2024Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 1 Intensive (Week 1)Pricing and Registration
June 30 – July 7, 2024Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 1 Intensive (Week 1)Pricing and Registration
August 11 – 18, 2024Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 1 Intensive (Week 1)Pricing and Registration
September 29 – October 6, 2024Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 1 Intensive (Week 1)Pricing and Registration
November 3 – 10, 2024Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 1 Intensive (Week 1)Pricing and Registration

Module 1 Week 2 Bookings

May 26 – June 2, 2024Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 1 Intensive (Week 2)Pricing and Registration
July 7 – 14, 2024Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 1 Intensive (Week 2)Pricing and Registration
August 18 – 25, 2024Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 1 Intensive (Week 2)Pricing and Registration
October 6 – 13, 2024Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 1 Intensive (Week 2)Pricing and Registration
November 10 -17, 2024Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 1 Intensive (Week 2)Pricing and Registration

Module 1 Week 3 Bookings

June 2 – 9, 2024Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 1 Intensive (Week 3)Pricing and Registration
July 14 – 21, 2024Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 1 Intensive (Week 3)Pricing and Registration
August 25 – September 1, 2024Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 1 Intensive (Week 3)Pricing and Registration
October 13 – 20, 2024Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 1 Intensive (Week 3)Pricing and Registration
November 17 – 24, 2024Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 1 Intensive (Week 3)Pricing and Registration

Please Note:

  • This course is presented in English. For information on Module 1 in French, visit this page.
  • Please read our Payment, Refund, and Amendment Guidelines before booking.
  • The price for booking Module 1 as a single 3-week session represents a savings of 30% compared to joining individual weeks.
  • Students who have graduated from Module 1 may repeat the course by donation except in August.
  • The dates listed above are for accommodation. The course begins the morning after the date of arrival and ends the evening before departure. Check-in is available from 14:00 on arrival day.
  • When joining us for your first week of Module 1, please plan to attend the Orientation Session that takes place at 17:30 on arrival day. Before the start of Weeks 2 and 3, this session will include a short recap of the content of the previous week(s), so please be sure to attend if you are not completing the course in order.
  • This course is addressed to those in a stable emotional and psychological state. If you have any mental health conditions, please read our Mental Health Disclaimer before registering.
  • Hridaya Yoga is a non-profit organization. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to practice, which is why we keep our prices low. If the rates still exceed your budget, you are welcome to apply for a scholarship. We will happily consider your request and try to find a way to support you.
  • For more information about our center, including how to get to Longeval, please visit this page.

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